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DS05 are used in second and third order levelling and monitoring structural deformation, also could be used in geodetic control, construction of roads and instrial applications etc. The use of automatic compensator speeds up work and improves accuracy. They can be operated in the temperature form -30℃to +50℃.

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Designed for the highest accuracy in geodesy, engineering and industry. Model DS05 Automatic Level is adoptable for the second and third-order geodetic leveling of national networks; It can be used for engineering and deformation surveys, such as height control for engineering projects, deformation and subsidence measurements, checking bridges and structures, monitoring movements, etc. It is also used for general construction engineering and installation of large size machines.


We know that compensator is made up of metal material and glass material, the temperature can affect these materials results in slight changes of compensator, then causes change of I angle. The instrument without temperature offset is always not to reach the standard of nation (GB/T10156-1997), In the diagram, the green area where between the red lines is a acceptable area when the compensator is changed along with the temperature s change (Company standard: ±0.5" /℃). The red thick line A is a change curve for angle I of level without temperature offset. Our DS05 levels add a device of temperature offset, it can correct the change value of angle I when changing the temperature. The green thick line B is a change curve for angle I after offset, the instrument can be good work in the malconditions of large temperature change, especially apply to transformation observation at a long time.


• Built-in parallel-plate micrometer
• Pentaprism for easy viewing of circular level
• High precise reading, 0.1mm is read directly, 0.01mm can be estimated
• Equipped with a press button for compensator checking
• Standard deviation of 1km double run: ≤±0.5mm
• Dismountable eyepiece, assorted accessories, such as: Diagonal Eyepieces:FJ19
• Adopt crossing suspender frame and compensator of air damper
• Wide working temperature from -30℃ to +50℃ , water and dust protection: IP55



Image: Erect
Clear Objective Apertrue: 45mm
Magnification: 38x
Field of View at 100m: 2.3m
Shortest Focus Distance: 1.6m
Multiplication Factor: 100
Additive Constant: 0


Standard Deviation of 1 km Double Run: ±0.5mm

Automatic Compensator

Working Range: 15'
Setting Accuracy: ±0.5mm
Setting Time: ≤2s


Sensitivity of Circular Level per 2mm Run: 10'/2mm
Operating Temp: -30℃ ~ +50℃
Net Weight: 3.5kg

Parallel Plate Micrometer

Range: 10mm
Inerval: 0.1mm
Estimation: 0.01mm

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