FOIF GNSS Receiver A20 Rover Kit

FOIF GNSS Receiver A20 Rover Kit

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• Professional GNSS satellite tracking (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Compass...) • Equipped with industry standard GNSS engine (Trimble, Novatel, Javad...) • Advanced rugged and modular design • Voice message • Base and rover communications options to suit any application • Easy "one Button" base setup • OLED display with superior brightness & temperature range • Up to 220 universal tracking channels options

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Fully integrated, rugged design

• High-performance, multi-frequency GNSS receiver and antenna, Bluetooth wireless GPRS/CDMA technology, memory, SD card, batteries and internal data link in one compact unit.
• Base and rover communications options to suit any application. 

GPS + GLONASS satellites tracking capability

• Up to 76 Factory optional universal GNSS channels support all GPS and GLONASS signals & SBAS tracking or OmniSTAR XP/HP support
• Improved positioning in urban areas and in areas with dense tree coverage. RTK solution maintained if data link is dropped

Ready for Galileo (Factory optional)

• A20 also support Galileo and Compass satellites When Galileo and Compass are ready, FOIF will be too.

Voice messages

• A20 receiver of its kind to provide audible status notification in the field.

Super bright OLED display & LED

• OLED has many superior performance advantages over LCD: Super-bright, wide viewing angle, quick response time, energy efficient, operational under -40 to 80 and rugged environment.
• Provides status indicators for satellite tracking, battery life, remaining memory, occupation time and communications.


• A20 has a comprehensive built-in interface for receiver monitoring. This interface is based on a OLED graphical display and functional keys that enable the user to interact directly with the GNSS receiver. You can set or check GNSS receiver status easily, such as language, volume, GPRS, radio, or elevation mask, etc.

Convenient rover setup

• Quick and easy setup requires only a pole, data collector with bracket and the A20 receiver no cables necessary, easy-to-use.
• Interoperability with main vendor's reference station using UHF.

Easy "one Button" base setup

• Press the power button, and begin transmitting RTK base corrections and collecting raw data in seconds.
• No cables, external data link or data collector required.

Seamless Virtual Reference Station support

• Compatible with Virtual Reference Station, FKP and Master Auxiliary reference networks Supports GSM dial-up connections and NTRIP GPRS connections, also support CDMA.
• Allows stand-alone RTK rover positioning - no base required.

All-in-one Flexibility

• A20 series offers all-in-one communication capabilities. It is the most flexible GNSS surveying system available, offering multiple operating modes, configurations and communication modules(internal& external UHF,GSM/GPRS/EDGE/CDMA) and protocols.
• Features such as OLED display with backlit LED lights, SD-card, high capacity Li-ION battery and Bluetooth wireless technology. USB and Ethernet also could be supported (Factory optional). External power supply 6~18V DC are available.
• Battery can be charged onboard.

Ultra Rugged construction

• Durable weatherability housing, Ultra rugged design, Weatherproof design, protected from temporary immersion to depth of 1 m, with standards 2m pole drop onto concrete.



20 channels(Defaults); 76 channels( Optional):
   _ GPS L1 C/A L1/L2 P-code, L1/L2 full wavelength carrier
   _ GLONASS(Optional) L1 C/A, L2-P code,L1/L2 full wavelength carrier
   _ SBAS: code & carrier (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS)
   _ Low-signal acquisition and tracking engines for signal detection in difficult environments
Fully independent code and phase measurements
• Advanced multipath mitigation
• Update Rate: 1, 5, 10, 20 Hz Selectable

Real-Time Accuracy (rms)


Horizontal: <3 m (10 ft)

Real-Time DGPS position

• 25 cm (0.82 ft)+ 1ppm (rms) in typical condition3

Real-Time Kinematic Position (fine mode)

Horizontal: 10 mm (0.033 ft ) + 1.0 ppm
Vertical: 20 mm (0.065 ft) + 1.0 ppm

Real-Time Performance

Instant-RTK Initialization

• Typically 2-second initialization for baselines < 20 km
• 99.9% reliability

RTK Initialization range

• >40 km

Post Processing Accuracy (rms)

Static, Rapid Static

Horizontal: 5 mm (0.016 ft) + 0.5 ppm
Vertical: 10 mm (0.033 ft) + 0.5 ppm

Long Static

Horizontal: 3 mm (0.009 ft) + 0.5 ppm
Vertical: 6 mm (0.019 ft) + 0.5 ppm

Post-Processed Kinematic

Horizontal: 10 mm (0.033 ft) + 1.0 ppm
Vertical: 20 mm (0.065 ft) + 1.0 ppm

Data logging

Recording Interval: 0.1- 999 seconds



Unit: 22.8x18.8x8.4 cm


Rover: 1.5kg (W/O battery); 1.7kg (With battery)

Monitoring Screen

Graphical OLED Display: 4 lines X 16 characters


• 128 MB internal memory (expandable through SD card, max.4G)
• Up to 400 hours of 15 sec. raw GNSS data from 18 satellites

I/O Interface

• RS232X2, Bluetooth,
• USB & Ethernet(Factory optional)
• PPS, Ext Event(Optional)

Data Format

• RTCM 2.x
• RTCM 3.x
• NMEA 0183
• NTRIP protocol
• PPS out


• RTK rover/base, post-processing
• RTK Network rover: VRS, FKP, MAC
• Point-to-Point Circuit Switched Data (GSM)
• Point-to-Point GPRS through Real-time Data Server Software (internal GPRS or external cell phone)


Operating Temperature: -30 to +55 (-22°F to 131°F)
Storage Temperature: -40 to +70 (-40°F to +158°°F)
Humidity: 100% condensing
Waterproof: IP67(IEC60529)
Shock: 2 m (6.56 ft) pole drop


• Li-ion battery: 4400 mAh
Battery Life Time: >10hrs(UHF rover at 20 ) º
External Power Supply: 6~18 VDC input
Battery Charger kit: FOIF FDQ7

Optional System Components

Communication Module
   _ Internal UHF-Link Rx only
   _ Internal UHF-Link Rx & Tx both
   _ External UHF-Link Rx & Tx(FDL-1, 2/35W selectable)
   _ Pacific Crest UHF Optional
   _ GSM/GPRS/EDGE (class 10) Quad-band
Transmitter Kits
   _ UHF-Link Tx & Rx (FOIF FDL-1, 2/35W selectable)
   _ GSM/GPRS: 850/1800 MHz or 900/1900MHz band
   _ UHF:390~470MHz Factory optional
   _ PS535E
   _ PS535F
   _ WORKABOUT PRO7527S(Defaults)

Equipment List:

Receiver (1 piece)
A20: Base station.

Internal Batteries for A20 Receiver (2 pieces)
BT91L: Lithium-Ion battery, 7.4V/5.8Ah, rechargeable. To be used with A20 receiver.

Battery Chargers (1 piece)
FDQ7D-02: Charger Dock
FDQ7D-01-E: Charger for Lithium-Ion battery

Car charger cable (1 piece)
FDQ7-03: Charger for Lithium-Ion battery on the car

Connector (2 pieces)
FG-CON-F: connecting receiver and tribrach

Tapeline (1 piece)
FG-TAP-5: used to measure the height of GNSS inner antenna

UHF antenna (1 piece)
FG-ANT460-TNC: Used for sending and receiving the wireless difference communication.(460Mhz)

SD card (1 piece)
Kingston SD card

SD card reader (1 piece)
PISEN SD card reader

Container (1 piece)
SX12: Hard container for A20 receiver, antenna and A20 field controller. The container allows a A20 receiver, and all accessories for a base or rover station to be transported.

External Radio FDL-1 (Optional)
FDL-1-420: FDL-1 radio 390-430Mhz. RTK receiver and transmit UHF radio module to be easily plugged into the A20 GNSS receiver. PWR can be changed between 2W and 35W.
FDL-1-460: FDL-1 radio 450-470Mhz. RTK receiver and transmit UHF radio module to be easily plugged into the A20 GNSS receiver. PWR can be changed between 2W and 35W.

Cables for Radio
FDL-1-1: cables for connecting radio and storage battery
FDL-1-2: serial cable for radio data transferring

Power Amplifer FDL-3 (Optional)
FDL-3-420: FDL-3 power amplifer 390-430Mhz. Enlarge transferring distance which is the same function as FDL-1 radio, but should work together with A20 which has inner emitting radio
FDL-3-460: FDL-3 power amplifer 450-470Mhz. Enlarge transferring distance which is the same function as FDL-1 radio, but should work together with A20 which has inner emitting radio.

Structure of the A20 Receiver



GNSS Setups

A20 Real Time Reference-Tripod Setup

Using one Tripod for inner radio

Using two Tripods for external radio

A20 Real Time for the FOIF CORS

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